About Bag Making Haven

I highly encourage designers to check their listings here against their records to make sure everything is reported correctly.
Whenever possible, I have linked to designers’ own websites instead of Etsy or another 3rd party seller.

For other currencies, I have used the most up-to-date currency exchange rate available at the time of data entry. Prices may differ than originally reported. Prices listed do not include sales, discounts, etc. I am not responsible for incorrect information received from other sources. At this time I am not including designers who only sell/give away patterns on Facebook

Honorable Mention to Bumbleroot Designs for the easiest item descriptions to find the details that I needed for each entry!

Sites/Designers that have their patterns as blog posts are lowest on the list for priority adding to the database – it is too difficult to scroll/scan through the blog posts for the pattern details.

This is an English only database. If there is a need/want for other languages, I can try to add some.

Note that Etsy listing links can and will change as they get renewed by the Designers. Please feel free to send me corrected links.

Please contact me if (all additions/corrections to listings will be verified):

  • There is an error in a listing
  • There is an update for a listing
  • A designer would prefer me to use a different link for a listing
  • A designer wishes to not have their patterns listed
  • A designer has a new pattern to add to the database
  • If a designer believes another designer listed has infringed on their copyright (I will not get involved, but will remove both listings until I receive documented proof of the ownership)

About Me

Victoria Spain is the owner and bagmaker of Divergentstitches.com
Feel free to (Email Victoria) with any questions or concern, or use the contact us form!